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tilingTiling is a job a committed DIY enthusiast can handle, but it’s also a skilled professional trade and it’s worth hiring the experts if you want to guarantee a perfect finish that will last for years. Builders Cardiff are experienced tilers with satisfied customers across Cardiff, Caerphilly and South Wales.

Tiles are one of the oldest forms of finishing known to man. Thousands of years after they were first stuck to a Middle Eastern floor there’s still nothing to match tiling for choice of materials, design adaptability and longevity. Those prehistoric hunters whose cave paintings are the oldest art on the planet were just waiting for the tilers to turn up and do the job properly.

builders-caerphilly-cardiff050Some of the great masterpieces of interior design are on tiles. Every museum worth its salt has some tiles in its collection. You can certainly find some at the National Museum Cardiff in the shape of three generations of tiles from Raglan Castle which date from the 13th, 15th and 16th centuries – that means the oldest are over 700 years old and still good enough to out on show!

Some aspects of tile design haven’t changed much and today’s tiles come in a wonderful variety of styles and materials.

That demands quality workmanship to match quality products and the experienced tilers from Builders Cardiff can ensure the perfect finish on floors and walls throughout your home or building. Because tiles are so popular in the kitchen and bathroom proper installation is vital to get the waterproofing benefits that are so much part of the attraction of a ceramic or stone finish.

builders-caerphilly-cardiff053Builders Cardiff is part of CPM South LTD, an established, family-run independent business offering all kinds of building, plumbing and electrical work in Cardiff, Caerphilly and across South Wales. We’re small enough to still be close to our customers and know the value of perfect customer service yet have the resources of a company that can boast major businesses as our satisfied clients.

We’re members of the Federation of National Builders, the Constructers Health and Safety Scheme and Construction Line. We have the testimonials to back all those industry badges. We haven’t rested on our laurels either and we’re always updating our training and skills.

If you’re interested in getting a tiling project started and would like to speak to skilled, experienced tilers based in the Cardiff area then call Builders Cardiff today, we’d love to talk to you.