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SKYVAC™ gutter clearance Cardiff.  Save time and money by booking a vacuum clean for your guttering, before the hard weather hits.

We are pleased to be authorised operators for Skyvac for the Cardiff, Caerphilly, Newport and Vale and South Wales Areas.

skyvac-cardiff1Some of the benefits of using Skyvac are:

It is very clean and tidy. It sucks gutters clean using a powerful wet & dry vacuum system
with no need for expensive scaffolding, ladders or high access equipment which would add to the time of the job.
It provides a safe solution for cleaning high buildings such as hospitals, offices and domestic properties, complying with the latest regulations and health and safety requirements by not putting staff at risk.

Some of the Skyvac’s systems features are:

It has a camera positioned at the nozzle so you can see what you are cleaning / picking up from the ground level.

It is light and easy to use.

Skyvac allows you access to areas that are too small to climb up into, such as above conservatories.

Due to the high reach it can also be used in restaurants, and commercial units and of course it can be used in larger homes / estates.

To help keep your guttering clear it helps to understand how it works and also to keep it well maintained.  If not regularly cleared debris such as soil, dust, and even dead animals/birds can block the flow, causing problems later on to the structure of the house.

If the rainwater cannot safely travel through the guttering system, it will overflow and cause damage to the adjacent areas

In order to clear the blockage, you would normally need to either climb a ladder and scoop out the debris by hand, but this comes with a risk of falling.

A pressure washer can be used to blast the blockage loose, but this, due to the pressure involved could cause further damage, or even just move the problem further along the drainage system. Not to mention the additional work, clearing up after the blockage has been cleared.

We believe, the best option usually would be to choose SkyVac. This unique gutter cleaning solution works like an extended vacuum cleaner, using super lightweight carbon poles to reach 3 storeys high without needing to take your feet off the ground. The SkyVac has an on-board camera so that you can see what you’re working with and watch as the problem disappears before your eyes.

To clean your gutters in a way that is neat, safe and affordable,  contact us.