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builders-caerphilly-cardiff027A good quality, efficient shower is at the heart of a luxurious bathroom. There’s a great variety of shower types available these days, some of them requiring specialist knowledge to get them in and working. Builders Cardiff are experienced shower installers and can help you transform your bathroom.

As with everything else in your home you can now tailor your shower exactly to your needs. There are electric showers, mixer showers, power showers and even digital showers. Builders Cardiff, part of CPM South LTD, will install them all. Give us a call if you’re not sure what’s suitable for your home. We’re experienced plumbers, builders and bathroom installers. We can tell you if you have the right boiler type and water pressure to get the shower you want or if you want to splash out on a power shower, we can offer advice on the right shower for you.

Electrical showers heat their own water supply. That can mean they’re cheaper to run and great if your boiler breaks down. However, they don’t always have the power people expect these days. You can fit a pump to help with that though. There’s a lot of choice including models that can deliver water within a degree or two of the temperature you love. You’ll really need to know that your shower installers know their health and safety stuff, and we do.

Mixer showers use water heated by your boiler. The simplest type – often seen in hotel rooms – simply divert the flow from the bath tap up to a shower head. They’re usually pretty powerful and you should be able to get the temperature just right. There can be pressure issues, so ask for advice first. You must have a combi boiler or immersion heater, but we can fit those too, so if you want to choose your heating system to suit your shower just ask!

builders-caerphilly-cardiff042Power showers are basically pumped up mixer showers. They’re ideal if you have low water pressure but may lead to higher water bills. They’re often expensive to buy but can come with tons of lovely features.

In the digital age you can even get a digital shower. Really, the digital element is simply the water setting and sensing mechanism. That means you get super-accuracy – if you want 38.4 degrees, you’ll get it. The technology can be fitted to electrical, mixer or power showers. Because the controls can be remote there may be less drilling to be done, saving your tiles. Sadly, it’s still not safe to take your iPad into the shower.

Cardiff Builders can help you choose the right shower and then step in as shower installers to do the perfect job. Anything involving water and energy should be handled with care and we’re on the Gas Safe Register and part of the NICEIC electrical contractors quality and safety scheme.

Cardiff Builders are part of CPM South LTD, we’re a family-run, small, independent Welsh business with tons of satisfied customers in Cardiff, Caerphilly and across south Wales. There’s no job too big or too small for us. We’ll build you a house or clear your guttering. We also offer emergency plumbing and electrician call-out so put our number in your phone now.