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Central Heating System Installers Cardiff

This is a great time to think about changing the way you heat your home. If you need experienced, industry-regulated central heating system installers then contact Cardiff Builders now to discuss your options. Climate change and the seemingly ever rising price of...

Shower Installers Cardiff

A good quality, efficient shower is at the heart of a luxurious bathroom. There’s a great variety of shower types available these days, some of them requiring specialist knowledge to get them in and working. Builders Cardiff are experienced shower installers and can...

Bathroom Fitters Cardiff

Builders Cardiff are experienced bathroom fitters, offering a one-stop-shop service in Cardiff, Caerphilly and across much of south Wales. Because we’re experts in plumbing, tiling, electrical works and general building we can handle the whole project for you from...

Kitchen fitting and installation Cardiff

The kitchen is the heart beat of any family home. Changing your kitchen can be an exciting project but you also want your installers to get in and out as quickly as possible. Builders Cardiff bring experience and skills as builders, plumbers, electricians, tilers and...