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Plastering 2Plasterers provide the finishing touch so it’s vital to get the right people for the job. Cardiff Builders are a trusted, independent Welsh business working in Cardiff, Caerphilly and South Wales and with the industry badges and customer recommendations to prove their quality. As general builders, plumbers and electricians Cardiff Builders can bring the work of the best plasterers to finish their own projects or as a stand-alone service.

Plastering is a skilled trade and they’re yet to produce a machine who can match the human hand and eye for a quality finish.

It’s one of the oldest building materials known to man and still highly-prized for its look, adaptability and because it’s natural. We’ve been using lime-based wall finishes since around 7500 BC and plaster finishes have been highly prized in every age. The Romans used it decoratively, it was a hardy exterior finish during the Middle Ages and was a major design feature of those great Georgian houses.

PlasteringIt’s natural and relatively eco-friendly if you’re worried about your carbon footprint.

Plasterers have physical dexterity and speed and face the problem that any mistakes have nowhere to hide. Builders often sub-contract plastering work to specialist crews. Builders Cardiff is part of CPM South LTD and can provide skilled plasterers you can rely on, using only the best materials.

CPM South’s Builders Cardiff service is backed by membership of the Federation of Master Builders (with a warranty scheme on offer). We are also members of the Constructors Health and Safety Scheme and Construction Line which guarantees our work to potential clients from large organisations.

If you’re thinking of engaging plasterers either as a finishing touch or as part of a larger project then call Builders Cardiff. If we can help with the building, plumbing or electrical work too then all the better for your budget and your stress levels.