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lightsAre you planning to change your lighting at home or in commercial premises? Builders Cardiff are experienced lighting installers and can help you design and complete a new scheme that could save you money or completely alter the way your space looks and feels.

We’re inclined to take our lighting for granted, but without it we’d all be in the dark and all that expensive furniture, decoration and interior design would cease to have any function as soon as the sun went down. Without light we would be literally back to the dark ages.

Lighting design can absolutely transform any commercial or domestic environment. While we’ve all switched to low-energy light bulbs, the best siting of light fittings and fixtures can make a huge difference to the efficiency of the electricity we burn to provide light as well as altering the mood and function of a room.

If you are a landlord, employer or own a building that is open to the public there are health and safety regulations regarding the suitability of lighting that is installed, from providing emergency lighting to illuminate fire escapes for tenants to making sure employees have enough light to do their job properly.

Experienced light installers and electricians can help you open up this world of design choice.

Light fittings now come in a bewildering variety. Lighting can be recessed into walls or ceilings (when it is called a downlight) or even floors for uplighting.

What are called surface mounted lights have visible housings and can include everything from a full-blown chandelier to a functional strip light or the bulb and wire fittings that are standard issue in most domestic settings.

Lighting installers can also work outside where what they do really can have a transformative effect on gardens, be a vital part of security or safety precautions (the Association of British Insurers working with the Home Office have recommended installing security lighting) or play a vital commercial role.

Concerns about the environment and rising energy costs have led to a thriving market in low energy and green lighting products and your lighting installers can play a role in making your home more energy efficient. LED Lighting is very efficient but is not yet common in domestic settings although it is possible to find schemes to suit almost any space.

Lighting currently accounts for around 19% of world electricity consumption. Improvements in efficiency is having an effect though; according to the UK Government the electricity consumed by domestic lighting fell by 14% between 1970 and 2012.

Whether you are installing new lighting as a matter of necessity, to change the look or feel of your space or to try to save money on energy costs you need to know that your lighting installers are offering a safe, trustworthy service.

Builders Cardiff are part of CPM South LTD a well-established and proudly independent south Wales building company. Builders Cardiff are members of the industry standard NICEIC scheme which assesses their electrical work for safety and quality and operate an independent complaints procedure. With expertise in every aspect of building – from the smallest job to major projects – Builders Cardiff can offer a one stop shop if you’re installing new lighting as part of a larger building project like an extension or loft or garage conversion.

If you’d like to discuss installing new lighting then contact Builders Cardiff today.