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worcester-boilerThis is a great time to think about changing the way you heat your home. If you need experienced, industry-regulated central heating system installers then contact Cardiff Builders now to discuss your options.

Climate change and the seemingly ever rising price of energy is making people think of central heating. Changing your central heating system can help you cut your costs, reduce your carbon footprint and leave you feeling better around the home. It’ll even raise your house price.

Installing a new central heating system is a major job but also an exciting opportunity. Builders Cardiff can help whether you want to replace your boiler or renew the whole system including radiators.

Boilers are the engine room of your home and choosing and installing the right one can make a huge difference to your energy costs.

Traditional boilers heat and store hot water ready for use. They can be more expensive to run than a combi boiler but you should be able to wash up while someone else runs a bath with no problem and you’ll get an airing cupboard.

Combi boilers heat the hot water as it is needed. That can limit the flow of hot water, but they work very quickly and are generally more economical to run.

There are a whole range of new options coming onto the market too. Solid fuel boilers – usually wood burning stoves – and green boilers are growing in popularity.

Central Heating Cardiff

Central Heating Cardiff

New radiators too can help cut down heating bills by improving efficiency. There’s a lot of choice now too. You can have functional or you can have fancy with everything from period looks to sleek minimalist chrome radiators. Some heating systems do away with radiators altogether and take the heating underfloor, it’s certainly better looking and becoming more effective by the year.

Builders Cardiff are experienced and trusted central heating system installers with years of experience and plenty of satisfied customers willing to support our work. We’re members of Gas Safe so you know we’ll be safe and we’re signed up to a number of other industry safety and quality schemes.

For the service you’d expect from a neighbourhood builder give Builders Cardiff, part of CPM South LTD, a call to discuss your new central heating system. We’re an established and trusted, independent Welsh business and look forward to working as your central heating system installers.